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Bank Instrument – Leasing – Procedures

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This is an update to the Post at


1. The first step is to have the Borrower fill out a Client Intake Form, outlining their request in details.

2. The request will be reviewed within 48 hrs after receiving the Client Intake Form. If accepted, a full submission package will be provided to the Borrower and will contain; Issuing bank info, (SWIFT language – if applicable), Client information sheet, Letter of intent, Passport and a Proof of funds docs for what the Borrower has set aside for fees.

3. Within 48 hours of submitting all required documentation, a contract will be issued in the name of the Borrower and will contain; Terms and conditions, a Draft of the pre-approved SWIFT verbiage (Exactly as the Bank will issue it) and the agreed Escrow procedures. The Borrower must counter-sign & seal the agreement and return them to us. The executed agreements are sent to the agreed escrow and an escrow agreement is drafted.

4. The Borrower must then transfer the agreed Deposit into Escrow. Upon the deposit being confirmed, the File is activated and then we submit the formal request to the selected institution for processing. The bank processing and approval typically takes 1-2 weeks.

5. Once approved and the account is established. Evidence of the account is provided to Escrow.

* * If all the Borrower requires is a tear sheet/POF. The Escrow agent is to confirm the issuance of the POF with the issuer. Upon successful confirmation, the Escrow agent is to notify the Borrower and release Escrow. If bank-to-bank confirmation is required. A request will be made for banker contact. A banker from the issuing bank will initiate contact with the receiving bank to confirm the POF.

6. If there is to be a SWIFT and/or instrument delivered. The issuing Bank will transmit a SWIFT MT 100 series message to “test” the communications between banks and to confirm the account is ready to receive the SWIFT. A copy of the transmission shall be provided to Escrow.

7.  The Borrowers receiving bank MUST respond via SWIFT to:

I. Affirm that they are aware of the Borrowers transaction.

II. Agree with the SWIFT language.

III. Confirm readiness to receive the SWIFT and/or instrument into the clients account.

* * Assuming that the Clients Bank responded appropriately; the transaction will continue.

8.  At this time the Borrower is to make the additional escrow deposit required under contract (if applicable).

9.  After the initial SWIFT is sent. The receiving bank has 3 banking days to respond that they are ready to receive. Once the receiving bank has responded, the issuing bank shall transmit a SWIFT MT 760 delivery of the designated instrument “Live”, in the name of the Borrower and/or nominate Beneficiary.

10. The Borrower’s Bank receives the SWIFT Delivery of the Instrument then verifies & authenticates. At this time all fees are deemed earned and are released from escrow. The Borrower’s banker must put any discrepancies in writing within 72 hours of receipt. (The Instrument will be formatted as per the Draft in the agreement)

11. The Transaction is completed and the beneficiary has exclusive use of the Instrument for the duration of the term, until 350 days later, (or 15 days prior to maturity) when it must be returned free clear & unencumbered, unless additional terms are required. As all transactions are different, any and all terms and conditions herein are subject to change or further negotiations.

Bank Instrument – Leasing – Memo/New LOI Format

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This is an update to the Post at

We have been making very sincere efforts to assist new clients being brought to us by all of you (including those who have been taken advantage of by others and there seems to be a void in the level of understanding that many of them have about what is required to successfully deliver an instrument or other product successfully.

First they ‘must’ understand that both the receiving and sending banks ‘must’ be able to completely understand each other and their respective roles in the successful delivery. Keep in mind that these bankers have ‘boxes’ that they must fill accurately to reach mutual satisfaction and must match or the delivery ‘will be rejected’.

Please make all efforts to provide complete information so we can make timely decisions and expedite deliveries.

I have asked underwriting and risk assessment to distill this to it’s shortest understandable form instead of me engaging in long calls and result in further delays and eliminate some confusion.

Here are the questions and an LOI with the items they need included.  Hope this helps.

1. Please list Principal name and company details
2. What type of POF or Instrument do you require?
3. What is the face value of your request?
4. How long will you need us to back you?
5. What are the details of your transaction (i.e. real estate, commodities, etc.)?
6. What, exactly, do you require of us in order to complete your request (i.e. SWIFT confirmation via MT799.  One Bank to bank call, fax, letter, etc)? Please be as detailed as possible.
7. Do you have any referral agents?  If so please list their names.
8. Who is the receiving bank or confirming party of the item requested and where are they located?
9. How much do you have set aside for fees?
10. When would you like to close your transaction?

Do write in and we will send you the LoI Format and format of all other Documents which you need to submit to take things further.

BG / Block Fund on JV

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This is an update to the Post at

We are ready and able to issue BG or a Block fund on Joint venture basis, upon verification and authentication of the bank instrument we need 50% of the monetized fund. Before maturity we shall cause the money paid back to you in order to return back the instrument unclaimed. We need a CIS, Bank Facility letter, Authority to verify, Project summary and your acceptance to send ICBPO for the 50% on monetization, once you are RWA to do this let me know we shall pursue the transaction

Issuing bank: Bank Negara Indonesia ( )
Minimum: $10 Million
Maximum:$1 Billion

Bank Instrument on JV

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We have one provider for can issue a APG or LC or BG or SBLC on JV, upto $50M.

The terms are the Lessee or JV partner should monetize and give  50% of the LTV as loan to the provider for which the provider will repay principal with Interest.

Example Calculation:

Say Face Value of Instrument – $50M
LTV  80%  – $40M

Pay 50% to provider – $20M
Pay 50% of leasing fee (total 16%) i.e. 8% – $4M

Net to Lessee – $16M but to repay $20M at end on 365+1 days
Provider to repay $20M with interest to Lessee at end of contract
One more year of rollover is allowed.

No upfront other than ICBPO or some sort of Commitment, backed by a Bank, for the 8% (50% of the leasing fees) to be readily available from the Lessee side.

To get the process started, we need a copy of the Credit Line Sanction / Approval Letter, or Term Sheet, from a Bank.

See update ONLINE at

Bank Instrument – Leasing

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We have a Provider who is willing to Lease fresh cut Bank Instruments such as BG, SBLC, DLC, Blocked Funds or PoF from rated Bank in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central America or USA, to REAL and Legitimate clients, who have a viable transaction, as per mutually suitable terms and procedures. They do not charge any upfront fees, but want to be paid upon delivery of service, not when the transaction is completed, as that is not their responsibility.

To start the process, we would need a LoI with PoF.

The LOI should spell out –>

1. the parties to the transaction
2. dollar amounts
3. time frame needed,
4. instrument requested
5. Exit strategy.

The PoF could be a current dated Bank Statement showing that you have 15% of the Instrument value, to pay the Leasing Fees.

The Provider is willing to talk with or meet with anybody, only after receipt of LoI with PoF, not before that.

See update ONLINE at

See Procedures ONLINE at

Credit Line v/s Bank Instrument – Match Making Service

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If you have a Credit Line, and want a Bank Instrument, activate the Credit Line, or if you have a Bank Instrument, and want a Credit Line, to be able to Discount the Bank Instrument, do contact us, and we will Match you with some one, who has what you want.

COLLATERAL SERVICES – Bank Instruments – Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, and Certificates of Deposit – HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, ABN AMRO, UBS or RBS – $/€ 5,000,000.00 and above – 1, 3 and 5 years – DTC, Euroclear or SWIFT delivery

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Our primary business is to facilitate the use of bank instruments to be used as collateral for credit enhancement for qualified transactions worldwide.

We have the ability to issue and deliver cash backed bank instruments in the form of Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, and Certificates of Deposit.

Issuing banks for transactions with DTC or Euroclear delivery and settlement include HSBC London, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Barclays London, ABN AMRO Amsterdam, and UBS Zurich or Geneva.

Issuing banks for transactions with SWIFT delivery and settlement include HSBC London, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) London.

Bank instruments are provided for amounts of $/€ 5,000,000.00 (Five Million USD/Euros) and above.

Bank Instruments are typically provided for terms of one (1), three (3), and five (5) years, with the option to renew the bank instrument prior to maturity.

Bank Instruments can be delivered to a client’s receiving bank via DTC, Euroclear, or SWIFT.


Collateral based project funding has less strenuous requirements for the borrower’s credit worthiness than traditional project funding.

Strengthens borrowing power.

Borrowers benefit from appealing interest rates and elevated loan-to-value (LTV) ratios.

Borrowers retain undiluted ownership of their company, and capitalize from the total profits that are earned.

Obtaining a bank instrument issued by a top European bank assures worldwide acceptance of the collateral.


Bank Instruments are available for experienced professionals. We do not offer or provide advice relating to the use of a bank instrument to achieve a client’s financial goals. We recommend that all clients consult with their legal and financial advisors before making decisions regarding the use of our products and services.

The client/borrower is responsible for arranging and securing the loan or credit facility through their own banking relationships or private sources.

We do not charge any fee to review a client’s project submission, however that does not indicate a project will be funded without costs involved! We will require a commitment from the client upon the client’s request for the bank instrument to be issued or assigned, and subsequently delivered. All project transaction costs and/ or client obligations will be fully disclosed.

Bank instruments are only available to clients who are capable to pay for the services they desire. Payment for the use of a bank instrument cannot be paid from anticipated profits from a transaction. Neither we, nor the banks that we work with are willing to engage with any client that is not willing or unable to demonstrate the capacity to pay for the services they require.


1. For the purpose of understanding our prospective client’s business objectives and verifying their capacity, all applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent or Letter of Request soliciting our services to obtain the bank instrument that is required for their proposed transaction. The Letter of Intent or Letter of Request should clearly describe and document the desired transaction (please refer to numbers 2 – 12 below), and further, the applicant must affirm with full personal and corporate responsibility the transaction details are accurate and true.

2. Client Information Sheet (CIS) or Know Your Client (KYC) document. Identify the company or individual to be named beneficiary of the bank instrument. In addition, provide the name(s) of the representative(s) and/or officer(s) responsible for executing all agreements, their title(s), and contact information.

3. Provide a copy of the corporate documents for the company, including but not limited to the articles of incorporation, by-laws, and corporate resolution.

4. Provide a color copy of the passport(s) for the legal representative(s) of the company responsible for executing all agreements.

5. Explain in detail the intended use for the bank instrument.

6. Provide a copy the business plan, feasibility study, executive summary, and/or an explanation for the use of funds.

7. Provide full and complete banking coordinates for delivery of the bank instrument including the bank name, bank address, account name, account number, and bank officer name/title/contact information.

8. Confirm the receiving bank’s preferred method to receive delivery of the bank instrument, either DTC or Euroclear screen system, or SWIFT.

9. If the bank instrument will be used as a collateral to guarantee repayment of a loan, provide a copy of the loan agreement or credit facility agreement between the borrower and the lending bank or private lender.

10. Instruct the lender to approve our bank instrument sample text (see exhibits), or request the lender to provide a draft text for a bank instrument for our consideration and approval.

11. Specify the type of bank instrument required for the transaction (bank guarantee, letter of credit, certificate of deposit), amount, currency (USD or Euro), and the term for the use of the collateral.

12. All applications must be submitted with a copy of a bank statement/bank letter showing the banking coordinates for delivery of the bank instrument, and must confirm the approved loan or credit facility. Further, the bank letter must show the applicant’s capacity to pay the bank instrument use costs. If funds are not already on deposit to pay the bank instrument use costs, the bank letter will need some sort of undertaking from the bank committing to allow the borrower to pay the bank instrument use costs from the credit facility following delivery of the bank instrument.


There are many factors that determine the cost for the use of the bank instrument including the project, the bank instrument amount, the credit facility term, the method of delivery, and the settlement procedures. All costs for the use of the bank instrument will be identified after our evaluation of the transaction details.


Upon our receipt of an applicant’s Letter of Intent/Letter of Request and supplemental transaction details, we will begin our due diligence process.

We uphold high standards for confidentiality, and exercises policies and practices to safeguard our client’s private information. All proprietary information submitted to us by an applicant will only be used for the strict purpose of project analysis, and the intelligence will not be shared.

After we approve an application, we will discuss the delivery guidelines with our potential client, and further verify the candidates ability to afford the bank instrument set up costs. Should the project pass this final scrutiny, we will provide a draft agreement for the transaction that will define all terms, conditions, procedures, and costs to achieve the transaction.

From the time an applicant submits their Letter of Intent/Letter of Request, the average timeline to conclude a transaction is approximately thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days.


Each loan transaction is unique and is structured according to distinct applicant needs and requirements. The information contained in this Post is a fundamental guideline, and the contents will be modified specifically to each individual loan transaction. It is in the applicant’s best interest to provide us thorough, accurate, official, and verifiable documentation to enable us to properly assist you with structuring your loan transaction.

A Refresher on Real ways to Raise funding for your Project

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Hi Everyone,

I did write an Article titled ‘The Real Ways To Raise Funds For Your Project’ in January, 2012 … you can find this Article ONLINE at and In view of the offers, which we have given since then, and the responses we have been getting from people, inspite of having cleared a lot of Myths surrounding Funding, in an even earlier Article titled ‘Wish You All A Very Happy And Prosperous 2012 — Let’s Stop Wasting Time And Get Down To Some Real Business’, which can be found ONLINE at and, I thought of writing this Article to Refresh people, as to the REAL ways to Raise Funding for their Projects, so that people don’t waste their valuable time and that of others, chasing dreams, or looking for things, which do not exist, in real life.

First thing first, let’s get this straight that there is NO FREE Money anywhere, and there is no MAGIC whereby your money can grow ‘n’ fold overnight … if you want funding for your Project, please stop chasing these Magical solutions, and get down to some REAL life Realistic Solutions.

You can only raise funding from some Bank / Lender / Investor, against something, be it Equity funding, which is against a Stake in your company, or be it Debt funding, which is against some Collateral, which maybe Land, Equipment, Bank Instrument, Shares, Bonds, Stock, Inventory, etc. or my pledging some future income, which maybe be PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), Rental Income, Purchase Order, Exports, Contract, Accounts Receivables, etc.

We did recently offer Bank Instruments on Lease / JV, which could be used to activate a Line of Credit, provided the Client had an approved Line of Credit from a Bank, and we got back responses from various people saying that their Bank would not issue a Credit Line Sanction / Approval Letter, unless we could provide them details of the Bank Instrument. For these people, why would any Collateral provider give away details of his Instrument to someone who he is not sure of. The collateral provider is the one, who is helping you by providing you a collateral, and it is not you, who is doing him a favour by taking his instrument. Some people even requested that the Provider send them a RWA or Pre-advise … wow, why would any Provider in his senses, spend money, whatever amount it be, to send a RWA or Pre-advise to someone unknown.

I did talk about this earlier, that this is where most Scammers come in, and offer some Magical solutions, take upfront money, and disappear. We keep hearing of offers, where people want to Lease an Instrument, and want to Discount it, wanting to grow money, in thin air … I repeat, why would any provider give you an Instrument, against which you take money, and disappear, with the onus to return the money to the Bank, going onto the provider. No provider in his senses would provide you an Instrument, unless he is gets some rock solid undertaking that his Instrument will be returned at the end of one year.

For those of you, who have been running from Pillar to Post, looking for funding for their projects, and have been offered these magical solutions by scammers, and have been scammed over various times, and have still not got funding, I request you, please get REAL, you can only get funding using one of the REAL ways of funding … if you need any help, do contact me, and I will surely let you know, what is the right way to go and raise funding for your project. If you have a REAL project, no doubt, due to the current world economic scenario, money is tough to find, but believe me, you will surely find funding for your project, sooner or later, if you are on the right track, not otherwise.

To start with the first and foremost thing, which one has to take care of, when looking for funding for a project is, one has to create a presentation and prepare the necessary Business Plan and Project Financials, which one has to present to the Bank / Lender / Investor, to be able to get him excited to, look at the project. This work, be believe should be done by you, with the help of professionals … no one other than you, knows your project better than you … you cannot expect someone to prepare a presentation with out you getting involved in it, and giving them the right inputs. If you need help with this, we have access to the right professionals, who can help you with this.

The next and important thing is to have a clear understanding and to how one intends to raise the required funding i.e. does one want to go the Equity Funding route or the Debt Funding route … here I would like to mention that, you have to have some Equity in the project, before you look for Debt funding … if you don’t have any Equity, there is no way, you can raise debt … so, if you don’t have Equity, the first and foremost thing is to get a Equity Investor / Equity Fund / Venture Capital Fund to bring in the required Equity / Seed Capital.

Once one has the required Equity, one has to decide as to how one would go about raising the balance funding, by way of Debt, and what security / collateral one would or can provide to the Bank / Lender / Investor, for the money they bring in. If you do not plan things the right way, and start believing in one of the magical solutions being offered by scammers, believe me, you will not be able to arrange the funding. So, once again, you need the right guidance and help, who can put you on the right path, and guide you as to how to arrange the funding required.

Anyway, I think, this should be a good eye-opener and refresher for people who are looking for funding for their projects … I am sure, what I have said above is no rocket science … these are basics, and most of us are already aware of these ways, it is just that at times, one tends to forget the basics, and one does fall into one of the sweet traps laid by scammers, by offering too good to be true solutions.

If any one of you, want to share you experiences, or want some help, do contact me, and I am all ears, and would help you, in whatever way I can … I cannot guarantee you funding, but yes, I can surely put you on the right track.

God Bless !



The Real ways to raise Funds for your Project

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Hi Everybody,

Every day I meet Clients, who have been running from Pillar to Post, looking for Funding. During their run, they have met 100′s of Brokers and Fly by Night operators, who claim that they can raise funds for them, out of thin air. I wish life was so easy. One has to understand that, money has to come from somewhere … there is no Tree on which money grows.

Anyway, getting down to some basics, there are some Real ways to raise funding for your Project.

One of the basic and most traditional way is to get Funding from a Bank or Lender or Investor. Every Lender or Investor, would want 2 basic things from any Investment or Project, Security of his Funds anlined Return on Investment. You have to make sure, your Project, offers these 2 things to the Lender or Investor.

Most Banks or Lender these days, want some sort of Collateral, as security for their Investment. Collateral could be in terms of some Asset, which you have to offer, or else, one can offer some Bank Instrument, as a Collateral. Now, this is where most Brokers, offer Magical solutions, which don’t work in Real Life. Brokers say they can get you a Bank Instrument on Lease, and get you Funding against it. This is not Real. The owner of the Bank Instrument, would not allow you to raise funds against the Instrument, with he being at risk, to pay what you have raised against the Instrument, in case you fail to pay. Whenever you take an Instrument on Lease, one of the main documents, which the Lessor makes you sign is an Indemnity, what you would not raise funds against the Bank Instrument. If you are still using the Instrument to raise funds, you are doing a Fraud, and I am sure, no Real client wants to do a Fraud or a Scam. Yes, you can use a 3rd Party collateral, to raise funds, if the collateral provider is aware of the transaction, and he is a Joint Venture partner, and he knows, you are using the Instrument to raise funds, for a project, in which he is a partner.

The other alternative to arrange a Bank Instrument is to procure or Buy a Bank Instrument, which is also where Brokers, offer unrealistic deals. There are no Real bank Instruments from AAA Rated or Top Rated Banks available below 80% or so, and it does not make sense Buying an Instrument at 80% or so, to get Funding against the same, because a Bank would also not pay you more than 80% or so against the Instrument. There are however, some Real Instruments, which may not be from Top rated Banks, which are available at lower rates, which can be procured and used to raise Funding, or provided to Bank as Collateral against Funding being provided by the Bank.

So, if you have a Bank, which is ready to provide you a Loan, and wants you to provide a Bank Instrument, do contact us, and we can match you up with another client, some like you, who may have an Instrument, from a Bank, which he wants to Discount, or against which he wants Funding. So, by taking his Instrument, and providing it your Bank, you can activate your Line of Credit or Loan, pay the Instrument owner, and keep the Balance for your Project.

Alternatively, if you have an Instrument, which you want to Discount or want to raise Funding against, contact us, and we will match you with a client, who has a Bank, which is ready to provide him a Loan, against his project, but wants a Collateral. Your Instrument can be provided as a Collateral to the Bank, and one can get money from the Bank, you can get what you want.

Incase, you don’t have a Bank ready to fund your Project, nor do you have any Bank Instrument, and you think your project is Real, and offers Security and RoI, to the Investor, contact us, and we may be able to do a Bond issue for your project. We have Clients, who have Line of Credits from Bank, as explained above, and they can use these Bonds, to activate their Line of Credit, or get Loan for their projects, by offering these Bonds as Collateral to their Bank. This way, you would get the Funding, which you require by doing a Bond issue, and selling your Bonds, to people who want such Bonds.

So, to sum it all, I think it is High time, we all get together, and make some real deals happen, and stop chasing lame ducks, and stop wasting time on miracle deals, which don’t happen.

Look forward to some real projects, and some real business in 2012.



P.S.: You can visit, Register and Post a comment on this, to take this forward.

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2012 — Let’s stop wasting time and get down to some real business

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Hi everybody,

At the very onset, I want to wish all of you, a very Happy and Prosperous 2012. Isn’t it HIGH TIME, we all get down to some REAL Business, and make some REAL money. Isn’t it Time, everyone should stop chasing Dreams.

I want to demystify some Myths, which exist in this Funding / Finance Industry, so that none of us waste time on such Deals.

Myth One: Money does not Grow on Trees or Money does not grow in Thin Air … there is no such REAL program, which can grow your money 2 times or 3 times or 10 times, in a week or a month or a year.

Myth Two: None of the Multi Billion Dollar deals are for REAL … If a person has Billions, he does not need Internet Brokers, he can go and Buy a Bank, or Banks would be chasing him, already.

Myth Three: You cannot Lease an Instrument, and Monetize it. Ask yourself, can you Lease / Rent a House, and Mortgage it … how can you get money against an Instrument or House, which you don’t own. There are some REAL ways to raise funds, and one should follow those ways, rather than wasting you and your clients time, on methods of funding, which don’t work.

Myth Four: Bank Instruments are not available at 20% or 30% or 40% or 50% … There is no Bank, who will give you Instruments at such heavy discount, and pay you 100% at the end of one year.

I can go on and on, writing about this, but I would rather make this more interactive, and expect responses from you all, giving your Real Life experiences.

Let us all get together, and clean up this business of the bad elements, and do some real business, and make some real money.

We at DelhiNet, have been working on some real ways, which one can adopt to raise funding for projects. Let us get together, and do some real business.

I for sure know, that each one of you out there, has the potential to do much more than what you are doing today … you have the power to make things happen, you have the contacts, you are hard working, it is just that you have not found the right way, and have not met the right people, who can make things happen for you.

Look forward to working hand in glove with all of you out there, to make this industry better than what it is today.

God Bless, and wish you all the Best in 2012.



P.S.: You can visit, Register and Post a comment on this, to take this forward.

Funding using Bank Credit Lines

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If you have a Unutilized Line of Credit at a Bank, and you want a Bank Instrument to activate the Line of Credit,


If you have a Bank Instrument, we have Lenders, who have Unutilized Line of Credits at Bank, which can be encashed using Bank Instruments, which you can send.

Do contact us, and we can take this forward.

Collateral Provider for Clients who have a Sanctioned Line of Credit

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Update as on 7th October –>

Please make sure that your Bank can issue a ICBPO MT799, else we cannot take you into this Program.


If you have a Sanctioned Line of Credit … we can provide you with an Instrument, as Collateral, on a Joint Venture basis, whereby you are able to get their Line of Credit en-cashed.

Do send us a copy of the Sanction Letter from the Bank, and we will send you a Proposal, once we have the Sanction Letter.

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